Thank you for visiting my personal portfolio. I am a WordPress developer with a BFA in Graphic Design, living in the Los Angeles area. I create custom WordPress themes or edit themes that are already installed. I have also worked with Shopify, Drupal, HubSpot & other CMS or CRMs.

I am currently working as the Sr. Frontend Developer and Team Lead at UCLA’s Strategic Communications department. I have worked for businesses, non-profits, clubs, and other groups in house or remotely.

A little more about my services.

Website Architecture

Are visitors following the path of least resistance to your product? Figure out how many pages you need and the content they will hold and what belongs in your menu.

Web Development

I develop sites that will last many browser versions with minimal upkeep. Clean markup that promotes high SEO ranking and fast loading times is important. Layered security is key to prevent attacks mitigate damage.

Web Design

I work with Professional designers to provide custom, mobile first, responsive design. We create a visual hierarchy within your site that leads to conversions.

SEO & Hosting

Create content that attracts visitors. After your site is registered and tracking users, guard that information. See what is and what is not working to promote sale conversions. More can always be done to extend visits and attract users.

The Technical Services

I mostly develop custom themes, Gutenberg blocks, and plugins for WordPress but I’ve also built component libraries, static websites. data scrappers, NPM packages, and other custom tools. Below is a list of tools I have worked with.

WordPress // Web Development // Email Marketing // Website Content

Version Control // HTML5 // SCSS // CSS // Javascript // React // jQuery // PHP // Laravel // MySQL // Gulp // Webpack // Node.js // NPM // Responsive Web Development // WordPress Custom Themes // WordPress Custom Plugins // Bootstrap // Docker // Mamp

Hosting Management
Amazon Web Services(AWS) // CPanel // Plesk // WP-Engine // Pantheon // Flywheel // DreamHost // Kinsta

Programs I Use
Atom // Adobe Creative Cloud // InVision